Top 9 interesting facts about Algeria country.

Hello friends I hope you all are doing well and I am also fine. Today I am going to give you information about a country that is different from the country. This is a country where people love to drink mint tea and the biggest thing is that there is a debt of any country in this country.

Disclaimer for this article: The words used within which article do not mean to harm any religion, caste, country or any person at all, the only purpose of giving true information by us.

Although it is an Islamic country, but still the women here have the freedom to do all the work. Most of this country is covered by the Sahara Desert. Perhaps you will be shocked to know this thing and that is that you will not get to see alcohol inside this country!

Friends, let me tell you that today we are going to give you interesting information and some facts about Algeria, a beautiful country in Africa.

Introduction about Algeria.

For your information, let me tell you that the official name of this country is The People’s Democratic of Algeria. Talking about the population of this country, according to the information, it is around 4.40 crores and if we talk about population density, then here you get to see 18 people per square kilometer. 72% of the total population of the country live in the city and 28% live in the village.

The natural landscape of the country of Algeria is very beautiful! If you go on holiday inside the country of Algeria you will have a lot of fun.

This country is young, which means that the average age here is only 28.5 years. Within the country of Algeria, both men and women are considered artists. Painting, listening to music or dancing are all considered very popular among the people here. Along with school studies, people here also learn all these things.

The name of the national currency of the country of Algeria is called the Algerian dinar. The name of the capital of the country of Algeria is Algiers and the name of the President of the country of Algeria is Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune and the name of the Prime Minister of the country of Algeria is Mr. Aymen Benabderrahmane.

It is said that the people of the country of Algeria are big hearted and also help the people. Friends, football game is very popular inside this country and the players here are also very skillful and talented. Rarely will you find anyone in this country who dislikes football!

Whenever a football match is played inside the capital of Algeria, it is a sight to behold. Since 1964, Algeria has participated in every Olympic Games in the country and recently won 5 gold medals in the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, which is a matter of pride.

Beautiful ladies.

Friends, it is said that the girls of the country of Algeria are very beautiful! The girls here are very attractive. The eyes of the girls here are very beautiful.

Bad history.

 Talking about the history of Algeria, their history has not been so good, this country gained independence from France on July 1962 and France ruled Algeria for more than 300 years.

Algeria was taken over by the French government in the 16th century and even today you will see a glimpse of France here.

unique country.

Like we told you before, Algeria is different! The people of Algeria are known to have a very kind heart! The people here are very supportive of others for their respective works. If any incident happens in the vicinity, then the people here help together because in the past, there has been a lot of trouble in this country.

Slavery would have to be done for another country and for that there were many riots and in those riots Algeria lost a lot of people! Because of which these people understood that it is very important to support each other. Keeping this in mind, the people of this place live together in today’s time and brotherhood can be seen here.

Africa’s largest country.

Today, Algeria is called the largest country of Africa division, as soon as Sudan was divided into two parts in 2011, Algeria became the largest country of Africa division!

Until Sudan was one, Africa was the largest country in the division, but as Sudan was divided into two parts, Algeria became the largest country in the African division. By the way, Algeria benefited from the partition of Sudan because after the partition the number of tourists inside the Algerian country increased.

funny comic story.

Friends, now we are going to tell you a funny story about this country which will make you laugh and this story is absolutely true.

Friends, once a person had to buy a donkey and he also talked to some person to buy it, but the talk with the seller did not work out well! When there was a rift between the seller and the buyer, the donkey eat all the notes! But after that the dispute between the seller and the buyer increased.

The buyer said that the donkey eat all the money, so now the donkey belonged to him, then the seller said that this is not a rule and both were engaged in their own words and the argument increased so much that both these people had to go to the court. It fell and its decision could not be taken even inside the court and even in today’s time it is still pending.

Alcohol is not allowed.

If you have a habit of drinking alcohol, then you may have some problem inside this country because it is very difficult to get alcohol here. There is no such shop here where alcohol is available in public, and even in restaurants here it is very difficult to get liquor.

Although the story of drinking alcohol here is a fine, but the people here do not like to drink alcohol and consider this thing wrong. You might even find alcohol inside this restaurant but don’t write it on the menu because people think it’s a sin.

fond of mint tea.

The liquor may not be right, but restaurants mint tea is definitely available inside this country. You will not have any problem in drinking mint tea here, mint tea is drunk very fondly. It is essential to drink mint tea after eating food inside Algeria.

The beginning of the morning, the end of the night, both of these people start here by drinking mint tea.

non veg food lover.

There is a lot of craze among the people here not only to drink tea but also to eat non-veg. People here love to eat mutton in non-veg food and Biriyani is the first choice of the people here.

Here you get to eat different dishes at the wedding, if you ever get to come to this country, then definitely try the delicious food here.

no restriction for women.

Here 98% of the people are Muslim and they follow Islamic religion. As soon as you hear the word Islamic, you must have thought that women would not be allowed to do their favorite work, but do you know that the condition of women here is much better than the rest of the Islamic country!

Perhaps you will be surprised to know that 70% of the women of this country work outside and especially women work in the Loire and Church. Women of this country work even inside the banking sector, that is why it is said that Algeria is a very different country.

Here women are given respect for their work and respect women, and the best thing is that women are not forced for any work here, no one bothers anyone. There is complete freedom to live your life.

I hope you liked today’s information very much and learned something new from here.

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