12 amazing facts about Amsterdam City in English.

Hello friends how are you all? Welcome to our blog. Friends, today we are going to give you interesting information about the place, it used to be a famous fishing village but today it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Meaning you understand that today it has become world class from the village. The city is also known as the City of Poles because till now more than 11 million poles have been used.

Disclaimer: The use of words within this article is not meant to harm any religion, caste, person, country and culture at all. Our only purpose is to provide you with information.

In this city you will get to see the world’s longest gates, but why? You will know that later. Friends, today we are going to give you more than one interesting information about Amsterdam, a beautiful city in Europe.

Introduction about Amsterdam.

Friends Amsterdam is the largest and most beautiful city in the Netherlands or Holland and that is why it has got the title of the capital of the country of Netherlands. Talking about the population of Amsterdam city, it is about 9 lakhs. Due to its beauty, this city has been considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Amsterdam was made the capital city of Holland officially in 1983, but many believe that it has been the capital city of the country since its inception. Although Amsterdam has been the capital city of Holland since 1840. By the way, friends enhance the beauty of Amsterdam, the canal here! Here you get to see the canal from place to place. There are a total of 165 canals, which are spread over a total area of ​​100 km. Boats are also run on these canals and for these canals this city is also called Venice of North.

Friends, every year 15 million people come to visit Amsterdam! Suffice it to tell how the beauty of this city is spread everywhere! People come from other countries of Europe as well as tourists from Asia and Africa also come in large numbers to visit this city. One of the most attractive cities in the Netherlands, Amsterdam is very famous for picnics. This will make the city so much fun and interesting for a tourist holiday! Amsterdam which is one of the colorful cities of the world where nightlife is world famous. Along with this there is an ancient and famous museum which has become a center of attraction for the tourist.

Cruising in Amsterdam’s spectacular canyons has become everyone’s favorite hobby. Flowers are in bloom on both sides of the nahero and in such a beautiful environment, the journey of the cross with one’s companion becomes a very memorable one. Amsterdam is the oldest zoo artist in Europe, where you can see from colorful birds to wildlife. 

Friends tell you that till the Thirteenth Century Amsterdam used to be a small village which was situated on the seashore and then people used to come there for fishing! It was a very small town but now if seen, how beautiful this small town has become today!

Small village in the past.

Friends tell you that until the Thirteenth Century, Amsterdam used to be a small village which was situated on the seashore and then people used to come there for fishing! It was a very small town but now if seen, how beautiful this small town has become today! Because this city is situated on the seashore, so the soil here is very soft, it is not such an easy task for anyone to build a house here. 

That is why whenever someone builds a house in Amsterdam, poles are used to lay the foundation under the ground.You will be surprised to know that 11 million poles have been used here so far.

The oldest bridge.

Although there are many bridges inside this city, but talking about the oldest bridge, its name is de torensluis bridge which was built only in 1648! Even today, tourists come and walk here.

More number of cycles than population.

Amsterdam people have no shortage of anything! By expressing this to you, people are seen doing belonging from the higher class. The strangest thing is that the population here is about two lakhs, but the number of cycles here is as much as 10 lakhs! There is so much craze among the people here about the cycle that people will get to see you mostly coming and going by cycle.

Everyone here does transportation by bicycle, perhaps the people here will be very aware about their health and environment. As far as the cycle is concerned, you need to know that there is a total cycle path of 400 km in this city. Meaning you can do cycling comfortably here.

Boat Flower Market.

Amsterdam’s Boat Flower Market is the most famous market in the world! You will be surprised to know that flowers are being sold in this market not from today but since 1862! Here you are sold more than one flower in the canal everywhere with the help of a boat! The view of early morning and evening is different.

The city formed by joining the island!

Friends, we have told you that the city of Amsterdam is situated on the seaside, but hardly you would know that this city has been made up of 90 different islands! When 90 islands were connected to each other, Amsterdam became the city.

Long gate and long door.

When you see this city, then you will come to know that the gates in every house are big and they are also long! You must have asked such a question that what would be the meaning of such a long gate? So let me tell you that the people here are very tall, both boys and girls and according to a survey, the tallest people are found inside this city, keeping in mind that the doors here are made very long because no one has to Don’t be a problem.Also the girls here are very beautiful and the boys are very handsome.

Large number of museums.

Amsterdam is the only city in the world where you will find museums almost every kilometer! Anyway, the museums here are very big and very old. When you go to Amsterdam, you will feel that the museum here is really special. This will give you a very good knowledge of Dutch history.

safest city.

Friends, do you know that Amsterdam is considered the safest city in the world! In this city, if any girl leaves after midnight, there is nothing to fear, the crime rate here is very low which is a good thing. Here if you want, even after partying late at night, you can come home alone at night with fun.

But there is only one type of crime inside this city, do you know which one? You will probably be surprised to know that a lot of bicycle theft takes place here! Here about one lakh bicycles are stolen every year!

Large number of restaurants.

Friends, do you know that most restaurants in the world are also present inside this city! Inside this city you have people who are fond of food and drink. That is why according to the statistics it is said that even if a person eats in a restaurant every day for 4 years, then he cannot eat in all the restaurants of Amsterdam!

animal shelter.

If you love animals and if you are particularly with cats, then this city is a great destination for you. You will be surprised to know that an animal shelter has been built in this city where you will get to see more than 50 different types of cats! Cat lovers come here and spend their quality time.

Beer and coffee lover.

As we told you that the people of Amsterdam are very fond of food and drink, then you must have come to know about the food that there is more than one restaurant here, but do you know that there are more than 1600 restaurants in this city? There is also more bar. Drinking beer is very popular among the people here and drinking beer on every little thing is common here.

Along with this, people are also found fond of coffee here. Here coffee shops will be seen everywhere, where a large number of people are seen drinking coffee.

So friends, this was some great information and interesting facts about the city of Amsterdam, Hope you liked this information very much. We will see you inside the next blog.

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