Top 10 most interesting facts about Madagascar country.

Hello friends, you do this that all of you will be very healthy and I am also very healthy. Welcome all of you inside our blog panagadivers. Today we are going to give you information about the country whose island is the fourth largest island in the world and there are many such trees and plants in this beautiful island which are used to cure humans from any disease.

Disclaimer: The use of words within this article is not meant to harm any religion, caste, person, country and culture at all. Our only purpose is to provide you information.

A country where men and women wear almost identical clothes! One such country of the African continent, about which people do not know much about people, but it is certain that this country is very beautiful. We are talking about Madagascar, a beautiful country in the Africa section.

Introduction to the country of Madagascar.

For your information, let us tell you that the full name of this country is Republic of Madagascar and if we talk about the population of this country, then it is about 2 crores and 78 lakhs. Within the country of Madagascar, 39% of the people live inside the city while 61% live in the village. You might be surprised to know that Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world! You get everything on this island, from volcanoes to cultivable land and huge forests!

The country of Madagascar is a very young country and the average age of this country is currently 19.6 years, from this you can guess how much progress this country can make in the coming time! The capital of the country of Madagascar is Antananarivo and it is also the largest city in this country. Seafood from Madagascar is exported to all the countries of the world and from here fish and crab are exported the most to Japan and China. It is also the biggest income source of this country and many people here are involved in some business.

The name of the President of the country of Madagascar is Mr. Andry Rajoelina and the name of the Prime Minister is Mr. Christian Ntsay. There are two official languages inside this country named French and Malagasy. Inside this country 85.3% are people of Christianity religion, 4.5% are people of Traditional faiths, 6.9% are people of No religion, 3% are people of Muslim religion, 0.3% are Others.

Talking about population density, here you get to see 35 people per square kilometer. The name of the currency of this country is Ariary.

large scale export.

Madagascar Island is also known worldwide as Red Island, an island where the soil is red! The soil here is red, so it is very easy to cultivate here. Farming is very popular among the people here, different types of grains are grown inside this country and exported inside other countries.

From which country many types of rice are also exported, as well as flowers and oil extracted from flowers are also exported here.

Exploring the Velina Flavor.

Friends, whenever we go out to eat ice cream, we are given the names of different types of ice cream and there is also a velina flavor, but friends do you know that the country of Madagascar has tasted velina flavor to the world! Yes friends! Madagascar is the world’s biggest exporter of velina! The country of Madagascar accounts for 60% of the verlina used in the world.

Today, if we are enjoying the velina flavor, then all the credit goes to the country of Madagascar.

Poverty-stricken country.

Friends, it is not only that this country only exports Velina, but in addition, coffee, sugar, shellfish, cotton clothes, and petroleum are also exported and many people work in this type of factory, despite this. There is a lot of poverty in this country! In this country even in today’s time, there are people who do not have any business.

Foodie country.

Friends, although the people of this country are very fond of eating, there is a stock of non-veg here! Here the whole family gathers on a holiday and goes for a picnic and enjoys eating non-veg.

Friends, if you like coconut, then surely this country will prove to be a paradise for you because here you get to eat many things made of coconut and you get to see the taste of coconut in every food here.

Apart from this, there is a famous dish of Madagascar called rice ball and it is made with chicken. The rice is made into a ball shape and then rolled with chicken. This rice ball is very popular among the people and here you get to see it inside every festival.

Luggage clothing for all ages.

Madagascar is the only country in the world where everyone, whether children or old, women or men, wears the same clothes for everyone! Yes, you will find all the same clothes here! Actually the culture here is such that everyone wears the same clothes here and this traditional dress is called LAMBA.

Fearless people.

Friends, the people of Madagascar are very fearless, here people play a game called Morangi and in this game, in a big white club, fight with hands without any weapons and this fight goes until a competitor completely admits defeat.

Large number of monkeys and poisonous snakes.

Like we told you that the number of forests in this country is high, so most monkeys are seen here. Friends, you may be surprised to know that there are more than 100 species of monkeys here.

By the way, we the snake of Madagascar are also famous all over the world. You will probably be surprised to know that 80% of the total species of snakes are very poisonous.

Hard working people.

The people of the country of Madagascar are considered very hardworking and according to a survey, a person here works at least 9 hours a day, the best thing is that the people here leave after completing their work. . Even to finish the project here, they work here for 5 to 6 months without taking any leave.

The women of the country of Madagascar are more hardworking than the men here! The women here do all the work. The women here get involved in helping their families in every way, from fishing to doing jobs.

The men of Madagascar respect women and the women here are also of sweet nature. There is no concept of divorce after marriage here, once the marriage is fixed here, then one has to spend the whole life with the same person.

Too much superstition.

Like friends, we told you that Madagascar is a poor country and because of the poor country, its education system is also not special, so there is a lot of superstition among the people of Madagascar. Here ghosts are considered very much and many such things are done, seeing that any person who does not know the culture of it gets scared.

There is a different tradition of worshiping ghosts here and there is a lot of recognition of black magic among the people.

Higher numbers of HIV disease.

There is one more thing which suffices to mention that it still may take a long time to change this country and that is that millions of people in Madagascar are suffering from HIV disease! Like other countries of Africa, Madagascar also has many diseases and medical facilities are also a little less here.

There are many research hospitals here and there is one doctor per 2000 men.

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